A Flicker in Eternity creatively documents and insightfully interprets the World War II concentration camp and overseas battlefield experiences of an intelligent, ambitious, and upbeat Japanese American teenager, Stanley Hayami.”
–Arthur A.Hansen, Emeritus Professor, History – California State University Fullerton

“I was moved by the touching story of Stanley Hayami, a young Nisei who gave his life for America in the waning days of WWII. We thank the filmmakers for so vividly capturing the spirit of the letters and diaries that are such a vital part of our Permanent Collection.
–Dr. Greg Kimura, President/CEO – Japanese American National Museum

“A poignant evocation of history and remembrance, told with imagination and grace.”
–Robert Kirschner, Museum Director – Skirball Cultural Center

“Stanley Hayami was an incredible human being and I want my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren to know about him. Thank you for telling us his story so beautifully.”
–Takayo Fischer, Actress

“I smiled warmly over the words and art of Hayami – and then ached when I learned of the sad ending to his promising life. . . .The film is a beautiful telling of a story of one who did not come back from the war.”
–Tom Ikeda, Densho – Japanese American Legacy Project

“This documentary views internment and military service from camp through the youthful, sensitive and creative eyes of Stanley Hayami. By weaving in historical images, footage and important third party perspectives the filmmakers have made this a must see for anyone interested in the WWII Japanese American experience.”
–Don Nose – Go For Broke National Education Center